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Advanced Enhanced Rider Scheme training WOMT

Enhanced Rider Scheme The first steps into Advanced Riding

Many people don’t bother doing any Advanced training. Some because passing their basic test and buying all the kit to go with it can be expensive. Or giving up our very precious days off to ‘learn more’ feels very selfish. Especially when family time and work get in the way and as usual, we come last!

However, everyone needs further training. We all know that this very exciting past time can be dangerous too. In fact, even if you’ve only been riding a very short space of time, I bet you’ve had at least one person tell you that, someone they know was killed or seriously injured on a motorbike? Or something along those lines. So although you’re extremely aware of the dangers, you don’t really want to think about, or think it’ll ever happen to you. 

But isn’t it better to reduce your risk? Be a safer and more accomplished rider, one that is comfortable on their own bike. Knows what speed to take every bend. Knows when an overtake is on and when it isn’t and can handle their bike even when pushing and wheeling it around a car park?

At Women Only Motorcycle Training we endeavour to make every stage of your training an enjoyable one. Laura understands the problems you may have with riding and can speak from experience that without further training, riding can become stressful and scary. Whether you’ve been riding for 25 years or just 25 minutes, everyone can benefit from some further training. See our advanced motorcycle training options below.

Enhanced Riders Scheme (ERS)

The Enhanced Riders Scheme (ERS) was set up by the DVSA to bridge the gap between passing your test and going onto pass your Advanced Motorcycle Test (in either IAM or RoSPA).

It’s a minimum of 3 days training with your instructor. So effectively there’s no set test, great for those of us that don’t do well under pressure!

Once you have your ERS certificate, lots of insurance companies recognise it as an extra qualification and will offer you a 10% discount off your insurance premium.


I’m sure you have heard of these two organisations; the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) and RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) but specifically RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders). Both organisations offer an advanced test, which is recognised across the board, meaning that once you have passed your advanced motorcycle test you are in the top 10% of riders in the country. Here at WOMT we can offer you preparation for either test, ensuring you get the grade you deserve!

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