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Why do you need a motorcycle Mentor?

Why do you need a motorcycle Mentor?

Personal motorcycle mentor program A Solution Driven, Post-test Rider Training Package To Transform Your Riding.

Have you ever felt anxious about riding?

Have you been completely frozen at a junction, like you can’t remember what to do? Gritted your teeth so much your jaw aches when you got home? Do you have a fear of riding off your drive? Or there’s one right hand junction that you just won’t do? Many riders have these fears, but they are often not discussed, or our friends, riding buddies or partners, don’t share the same problems.

Upskill, increase your ability and most importantly your confidence!


I come to you. Your home, your local cafe, or anywhere that you feel comfortable to meet me. A full day of training that covers what you need to overcome any anxiety and issues you may have. I will build the course around you, based on conversations we have prior to your training days.

I become your mentor for as long as you need. Even after your training program, if you need advice and guidance, I can discuss any concerns or worries you may have about your riding. I’m only a phone call away!

Who is it for?

How would you like to feel super confident about riding your beloved motorcycle? Do you long to feel excited about your next trip on the bike rather than feeling nervous as hell? Do you want to be raring to go?

This course will transform your outlook on riding!

My mission is to help you become a great rider using stepping stones and a methodical process with military precision!

Bespoke to your needs, I will act as your therapist and trainer in one! Getting to the route of your problems, I will set out a training program designed to put you on the path to freedom!

If you have a full motorcycle licence and motorcycle that you feel you should be riding more and enjoying more, then this course is for YOU!

How much is it?

One day package £350

Two day package £600*


*If you’re within a 60 mile radius of B98 7SE.

If you’re further away, an extra £100 charge will be added.