The Cornering Edit – Part 1

Part 1 - Vision and planning

In this 4 part blog, I will explain all aspects of cornering, for all levels of riding. In this section, I will talk about vision and planning. In the second blog, I will talk about adjusting speed and braking. Then I will cover counter steering and my last installment will be on linking bends.
Laying the foundations

So I’ve recently seen a lot of requests for advice on cornering on social media forums. I remember when I hated cornering! A time when I would clench my jaw and my entire body would stiffen up just just as I’m about to go into a bend! Probably the worst thing you can do! 

These days, I absolutely love it! I’m an advanced and learner level motorcycle instructor, so most of my riding is not for pleasure and on my days off, I don’t always want to jump back on my bike for a ride out. However, when I get to go on European advanced motorcycle tours with RMT Motorcycle Training, I really enjoy my riding. I can practice improving my skills and I enjoy being on new and challenging roads.