Don’t be another motorcycle statistic!

Is it necessary to ride our beloved motorcycle?

So after checking Facebook yesterday it appears that Bennetts and MCN have published articles stating that after speaking with an official at Number 10 (no names mentioned?), we as motorcyclists can in fact ride our motorcycles from Wednesday…

After Boris Johnson’s speech on Sunday night it was clear, nothing was clear. What he said was open to interpretation, so of course it didn’t take long for bikers to question whether they could take to roads once more. Read the official guidelines here.

I for one am not planning on riding my motorbike any time soon. I don’t need to. I’m a self employed motorcycle instructor (and I’m not training), but I have a car. I realise that some bikers might not have such a luxury and if they are key workers or can’t get their shopping without using their motorbike then why not.