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Why choose us?

Why choose us?


Please note that we can no longer provide helmets, jackets or gloves on your CBT. You will need to buy them before you come in. If you would like a discount code for please get in touch once you have booked your course.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Laying the best possible foundations

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training. It will allow you to ride up to a 125cc or moped (50cc) on public roads, unaccompanied. You will need to complete a CBT before you go on to pass your motorcycle test. The CBT is not a pass or fail test, nor is it an attendance course, which means you will still need to ride to a minimum safe standard to achieve your certificate. If your instructor thinks you are not up to the safe standard required, you’ll be asked to come back and repeat the training again.

Most people are under the impression a CBT is really easy to achieve and we’ve even heard people say “you’d have to be stupid not to get your CBT certificate in a day”. Well the truth of the matter is a CBT is achievable in a day, but usually if you’ve had prior experience at riding. I will often ask my students whether they speak any other languages. Do they think they could learn another language in a single day? The majority of people will say no, so why should learning to ride a motorbike be any different?

Two-and-a-half-day bespoke Compulsory Basic Training

I offer a Two-and-a-half-day CBT programme with ATB (Approved Training Body) RMT Motorcycle Training, which allows students to relax into the training, familiarise themselves with the motorcycle and learn at a steadier pace. During a usual one day CBT Course, it may seem a bit rushed and you could feel that you have not taken it all in. In some cases learner riders do not feel they have the necessary skills to be riding unaccompanied on the road after just one intensive training day. If more time is taken to learn the basic skills when students are at their most vulnerable, we believe it will result in more proficient riding skills that will be set for a long lasting riding career.

Two-and-a-half-day CBT has five phases:

Booking Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT certificate is valid for two years, if you do not pass a motorcycle test in this time, you must undergo another CBT course. This will enable you to continue riding legally on the road, as a learner with L Plates.

Before you book, please check:

  1. You have availability during the week to book your 3 hour taster session
  2. Once the taster is complete and both you and Laura are happy, the Two-day CBT needs to be completed over two consecutive days (Sunday and Monday)
  3. You must have a valid driving licence
  4. You must be able to ride a pushbike proficiently (please practice before you come in!)

Can you ride a bicycle?

If the answer is Yes…

Make sure you practice on a car park prior to coming in! I would recommend doing both Figure of 8s and U-Turns on a bicycle before attempting to ride a motorcycle. 

If the answer is no, please learn to ride a push bike first and you’ll need to be proficient before booking in. 

Shorter than average? We do have shorter 125s to ensure you relax into training without worrying about dropping the motorbike. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable in your training environment, so please let us know prior to your training day. Still not sure? Please give us a call and even arrange a convenient time to come and sit on the bikes prior to training.